Our Village

We like to think our village is exceptional, one of the ancient settlements in the rolling downs of Wiltshire and Dorset. Described by the author Jan Morris as ‘the sweet stone village of Berwick’. Berwick St John lies in the shadow of Winklebury Hill, a historic Saxon hill fort. The heart of our village is the Cross, the junction of four narrow lanes, at the centre of which stands the welcoming Talbot pub and focus of village life. Follow any of these lanes and a visitor is led to one of the four farms which surround our village. But before leaving the Cross, a visitor passes our noble bus shelter revealing stone memorials to the present Queen’s Coronation and the Millennium. What makes our village so special are the folk who live and work in Berwick St John. Our ancient Church and the thriving Village Hall are frequent magnets for gatherings of village people wishing to celebrate special occasions, as is the Cross in the summer. A Fete is held each summer in the garden of one of our large houses, a magnificent Country Steam Fayre is held on one of the farms every two years and we have recently started a bi-annual music festival. The fact that these events are so well attended is a testament to the warmth and affection held for our village of Berwick St John.

Those who live here in Berwick know how precious our village is, and in a special way share this delight with others, passing the time of day or night with natural goodwill when they meet.

Our village is blessed with many talents and is the home of a master farrier, a master plasterer, a master saddler, a master mason, silver and goldsmith, master restorer of vintage living vans an internationally renowned sound designer, and a dedicated organist and musician. This is just a sample of the pool of talent we encounter every day but it is the dedication and drive that makes Berwick such a vibrant community. This website is an introduction to our village. We wish visitors to discover the wealth of events and activities to be found in Berwick St John and learn about the magnificent countryside and wildlife that surrounds this small but very special place in rural England.