Parish Council

Our parish meetings are held quarterly, but ad hoc meetings to discuss interim issues of importance or planning applications are arranged when necessary.


The major focus for the Parish Council in recent years has been further development of the Parish Field as the recreational heart of the village. Grants have been secured for the fencing of the field and the installation of a shed. These projects have now completed. Some hard standing parking is also planned in due course. A football pitch will follow a successful change of use application (ongoing) and money has been secured towards the cost of the equipment required.

The field is available at a nominal cost or even FREE for members of the local community wishing to use the facility for events and/or overflow parking in support of village occasions. The field offers excellent standalone space for events, but can of course also be used to compliment Berwick St John’s fantastic Church and Village Hall facilities . For a detailed tariff and any enquiries, please contact Gordon Marks on 01747 828631. The PC strongly encourages the use of the site and will certainly welcome suggestions, help, or input on how the site might further be used or developed. Contact a local councillor to give your ideas or offers of assistance.

Parish Council Members:

Chairman Robert Carter 828820

Parish Council Clerk: Mrs C Churchill
1 Tower Farm Cottages
01722 743027

Sarah Keyse

Angela Bridges

Phil Gready

Kevin Meade

Tony Bell

Gordon Marks

Please feel free to contact any of them if you need to.

Flood Warden

Tony Bell has kindly taken on the role of the Parish Flood Warden.

Banks and hedges

The Parish Council would like to remind all residents that it is their responsibility to maintain the hedges and watercourses that fall on their boundary. If anyone has any questions regarding the cutting of hedges or their responsibilities for water courses and banks they should contact the Parish Clerk or Council Chairman.


The turf work has been completed, Wicksteed have been informed the site is ready for them to install the equipment and confirmed an installation date of the week commencing 18th August. However, there has been a problem and this date has been put back. The work will be done as soon as possible.

Parish Field

The field has been topped and the Parish Council are looking into purchasing a second-hand gang mower.

Defibrillator and First Aid

Berwick St John PC will be looking into the cost of First Aid training. It was agreed not to pursue the purchase of a defibrillator at this time.

New Village Policeman

The village has a new policeman, Greg Fergusson and he has sent this report:

I am in my 23rd year of service with Wiltshire and during that period I have split my time between nearly a decade in uniform roles and the rest in more specialised crime roles; most recently I was a Special Branch officer. The wide variety of roles I have preformed has given me a breadth of experience in most forms of police work and in working with other agencies and partners. I have not been in uniform for some time so there will be a period of bedding in or finding my feet, but I’m a relatively quick learner so there shouldn’t be too many issues. I live locally and I am committed to the role for as long as the community want me or the organisation are prepared to let me stay.

Please feel free to email me

Next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday September 22nd, 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Members of the public are welcome at the beginning of the meeting if they have questions on Parish matters.

Introduction to our new Parish Council

Sarah Keyse

I’m Sarah Keyse and I moved to Berwick St John in 1996 which feels like a lifetime ago, but in fact it accounts for just a third of my life although for me this has easily been the nicest third. Having previously lived in towns and cities in the South of England, I truly appreciate the beauty, tranquillity and community spirit of this Parish which made me, like many others so very welcome. I am proud to call Berwick St John my home and hope and intend that it stays my home for ever .
Having participated in Berwick’s various events, I was keen to become more actively involved. As well as the Parish Council which I was encouraged to join around 2006, I took part in the Parish Plan project, and I have been involved with the Farmyard Nativities and the Berwick Festivals from their inception. As part of the biennial Festival I have been charged with producing a ‘theatrical’ event in our Church, and out of the Grand Historical Pageant back in the Summer of 2007, BAD (Berwick Amateur Dramatic) Company was born. Our various productions continue to provide enjoyable and memorable occasions when the Village can come together, and I am currently working on the opening night production for the 2013 Festival in September which I hope will continue this run of success!
As a keen lover of history, I am also delighted to have been at the forefront of a number of commemorative events in the Village including two Jubilee Celebrations (the last spanning three days), two VE/VJ Day Commemorative parties and our Trafalgar Bicentennial Celebration.
I also have a full time job providing compliance advice to Financial Services firms and when not travelling around the Country, I am able to work from home which has ensured that I can take a full part in our numerous Village activities, including my commitment to the Parish Council.

Philip Gready

I have lived at Higher Bridmore for 30 years and work in and around the Dorset/Wiltshire area as a Chartered Surveyor. I have been Agent to the Rushmore Estate since 1982. I am married to Maggie, a local Doctor, and we have three sons all in their 20′s.

That part of the parish to the south of the Ox Drove forms a significant part of the whole and contains about a third of the total population. If elected I feel I am well placed to represent them and to contribute to the wider needs and issues facing the village through the Parish Council. I strongly support the local community, the Church, the Pub and the Youth Club of which I am Chairman.

Tony Bell

“if you don’t know who I am by now, you never will, Im just making up the numbers”

Kevin Meade

I was born in Berwick in 1958 and my Mother was born here.My wife Julie and I live in Luke Street and have a son Charlie who is at Sparsholt College studying Countryside management and Game keeping.
Although I have lived in Berwick all my life, I have travelled extensively to a varied amount of countries and continents, mostly to do with work, Australia, Finland ,Canada, Europe.
Over the years I have invented several pieces of Agricultural machinery, which along with a partner, we now manufacture these in Berwick. At present we export to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Eastern Europe, Norway and the Netherlands.
I have been a councillor for over 16 years and Chairman of the Village hall since 1998.
I have been involved with the Country Fayre since 1989.
I lived in the Talbot pub for a few years and more recently I helped out when Pete was ill.
I helped to set up the Allotments and with Bonfire Nights.
I have a lot of local knowledge that is occasionally called upon.

Gordon Marks

I believe that myself, Bridget and our two boys (men now) have reached the point that we have become accepted as villagers, after some 40 years of trying! It helped only moving here from Ebbesbourne Wake.�
I have been a carpenter and joiner in the building trade since school days, running my own business for 45 years and offering woodwork assistance to local residents in my “spare time”. Age is catching up with me and pending retirement is looking promising but busy with five grandchildren.
We both, care for this lovely village grateful and are pleased to be enthusiastically invited to contribute towards the running of village events. In doing so I have been an elected parish councillor for 25 years, the last 5 as chairman.�
The Country Fayre is of course another major village event that we as a community should be so proud of, I am a Director and the Show Treasurer, and part of the on-site construction team. This is an amazing event to be involved with and the rewards to the local hospital are tremendous. For many years I have also been a member of the Village Hall Committee, and I take an active roll in the setting up of the Church Fete.
In the summer we both like to take off in our motorhome, to the coast to enjoy walking, and visiting historic buildings. I do like to promote the craftsmanship of the past.
My aims for the coming term of parish council office would be to see the parish field with a suitable playing area, the upgrade to the playground equipment in the village and to make better use of the car parking at the village hall. I hope the younger age groups in the village become more involved and feel needed this is something we should all work towards.

Robert Carter

I have lived in Berwick St John since 1987 and grew up in the chalke valley in Broad Chalke. I am an approved electrician and work for a local company. My wife Anne and children Elizabeth and Simon grew up in the village. My hobbies are gardening, reading, bell ringing and sea fishing when I get the time. I also enjoy the occasional trip out in my Austin 7 when the weather is fine.
Over the years I have been involved in fundraising for the village hall and playground, and my electrical experience is often called upon for village events and residents emergencies. I am currently enjoying teaching and sharing my campanology skills in the village church. I am also a director of the Berwick St John Country Fayre which I have been involved in since its conception, and play a key role in the construction team.

Angela Bridges

I’ve lived in Berwick for more than ten years and teach two days a week at Hanford School, Child Okeford.
I’m on the Village Hall Committee, the Link Scheme Committee and have just taken over as editor of the Bulletin. I’ve been on the Parochial Church Council for some time and am a Lay Pastoral Assistant, taking some services and helping out in the parish.
I’d like in the future to establish a scheme of ‘First Responders’; trained first aiders who can help out in a situation before the emergency services arrive. I’ve seen this work very effectively in other country areas.
Berwick is an extraordinary and wonderful place to live. We are small in numbers but we all pull together to put on events like the Country Fayre, the Pantomime and the Nativity Play. I know I’m very lucky to be part of this community and I’d like to give something back by serving as a Parish Councillor